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Risset Metronome

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Risset Metronome

Dmitri Volkov
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infinite tempos

Risset Metronome: slow down or speed up all the way to infinity

Risset Metronome is the first metronome tool which enables anyone to practice the elusive Risset Rhythm: an auditory illusion which creates the effect of speeding up or slowing down infinitely. Where previously Risset Rhythms were only used in electronic music, Risset Metronome opens an avenue for using Risset Rhythms for acoustic performances as well.

Furthermore, Risset Metronome makes it possible to create a Risset Rhythm out of any ratio! Historically, Risset Rhythms have only been made out of ratios of 2:1 or 1:2, but Risset Metronome enables any ratio, including crazy ones like 7:3.


- the only tool designed specifically for creating Risset Rhythms

- achieve Risset Rhythms without the need for DAW tricks

- increasing or decreasing tempo Risset Rhythms

- any ratio of Risset Rhythm, from simple to complex

- configurable crossover BPM

- configurable Risset Loop length

- simple, streamlined interface

- fast startup time

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